The Joy of a Junk Free Life

About hoarders

We have all seen the reality shows that give us a peek into the life of hoarders. They keep everything, including garbage, and it piles up into huge walls of mess. Most psychologists agree that these individuals have a mental condition and that for these people shedding the hoarded material is a distressing process. As hoarders are so far away from the rest of us we don’t worry so much about this kind of lifestyle. Sure most of us have a slightly messy house but we are nowhere near a hoarder. Contemporary psychology has now made a distinction between ‘hoarders’ and ‘clutterers’. This last type is when generally messy people or collectors slowly transfer into having a problem. According to researchers this is a much more likely problem for people to suffer from which could eventually lead to us being shamed on hoarder reality TV. There are easy steps that all of us in Sunrise FL should take to prevent this.Man cleaning

Keeping on top of clutter

As collecting is such an in-built natural part of human nature these tips are great for each of us to follow. One of the most basic techniques to keeping on top of clutter is throwing out any old newspapers, magazines, or mail after a week or two of not reading it. If you haven’t even looked at them in this time period you never will. Although this is easy with paper around the house it becomes more difficult with larger possessions. A great system to follow is the: ‘one in – one out’ method. This means to make sure if you buy a new item you will throw away or donate something else. An even better way of following this rule is replacing two cheaper items with a more expensive, higher quality item. It is also sensible to think about the size of your living space. For instance don’t purchase another car if you only have space for one, or more books if your bookcase is already full.

 Good practice

The benefits of keeping a check on your belongings go far beyond a clean house and extend to healthy living and a healthy mind. Whether people have problems with extensive collections, hoarder amounts of old newspapers or useless junk cars Sunrise FL, it can all be improved with following these steps. The next vital step is recycling. I personally have a friend that used to collect everything; junk cars Sunrise FL were some of his favorite haunts where he could pick up ‘great’ scrap metal. He would use this metal in amazing recycling projects and always talk about all of the environmental benefits junkyards provide. Being able to recycle or sell old junk, such as cars, appliances or small possessions, is such a positive option for us all. To clear our houses of unwanted material cleanses where we live and our minds at the same time.

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