How to recycle your car

Sooner or later, it will be time to retire your car for good.Sometimes this can be easy to do if the car is still in good condition. For most of us, however, this can be a headache as usually the car has been left so it is now no more than junk. What options do we have for ridding ourselves of the now un-drivable and useless heap of metal? What do you do with a car that is virtually of no use to anyone else? There is only one option that will eliminate the eyesore on your property and put more money in your pocket.


What can you do with a junk car?

 When your car is no longer drivable, then selling the junk car is your best option. The situation is a win/win; everyone involved benefits. This is a hassle-free process for the person selling the car. They call the junk car company who comes and picks up the vehicle, and hands the seller cash before removing it. The junk car company will take the car away and use the raw materials, recycling the pieces. You can feel good knowing that you not only have cash for your junk car, but also that the materials are going to be reused, which is great for the environment.


How are cars recycled?


The process of recycling and generating cash for junk cars is very precise and intricate. The recycling of junk is often seen in a simplified way of crushing down materials and leaving them in huge junkyards. In fact, most Americans don’t actually know the extent of the material recycled and how much good can be done for the environment with this process.


The first step of recycling vehicles is to create an inventory of the useable items in the vehicle. This ranges from selling spare parts to mechanics to completely recycling materials. Once the checklist has been compiled, the next step is to strip the car of all dangerous materials and parts that can be immediately used. Most of us don’t understand just how many dangerous fluids can be found in our cars and that the process of removing them is one of the most time consuming.



Junk car companies have the added bonus of making sure these toxic chemicals are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. After all of the materials are removed then the vehicle is crushed and the metal is melted down.

The key material that is recycled is the vehicle’s metal. The steel contained in the car generates millions of tons of recycled materials for the industry every year. This steel is put back into the car industry and has now allowed most modern cars to consist of roughly 25% recycled steel.
Not only does this process give the owner instant cash but the fact that it allows the car manufacturers to build vehicles with lower costs will in turn keep the overall price of the vehicle lower.

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