How to Make a Recycled Car

Everyday we separate our paper from plastic and bottles and ensure everything that can be recycled, is recycled. So there is no reason that we shouldn’t approach getting rid of a junk car in the same way. There are countless ways to rid yourself of an unwanted or unusable vehicle by selling it to a junk car company to be reused in the making of other vehicles. Since the recycling of metal and scraps from cars has become the norm, new and current models are almost always made of at least 30% of recycled material. The process that the materials go through is extensive in order to make them usable in new vehicles but the time and the money is well worth the benefits.Recycle symbol

The process

The process of retrieving the raw materials from an old car happens through four different processes. First, the car goes through a dismantling process in which the usable parts and elements are separated from the unusable elements and fluids. The parts that can be used again include everything from the batteries to the fenders to the steering column, transmission and more depending on the vehicle and the state of the parts. This process also separates the parts of the car that are made of things other than metal. The car is then sent to be crushed and is loaded into a shredder for the metal to be shredded into small pieces that are separated by their materials and usefulness. This then brings to metal to be considered for recycling. Some of the materials are sent to landfills while others, like the ones that are made of aluminum or steel, are melted and then used in the production of new vehicles. While these metals are often used in the auto industry, the market for melted scrap metal is huge and allows for these materials to be reused in a wider range of projects. This process helps keep costs down for consumers as well as helping the environment as many of these materials are kept out of landfills and fewer new materials need to be produced.

This process produces many of the metals and even plastics needed to make new vehicles. Whole parts such as tires can also be salvaged and used in recycled cars. These recycled cars are very popular in the area of Florida, made from junk cars Hollywood and junk cars Fort Lauderdale markets. Many of the cars produced today have a high percentage of recycled materials in their makeup which does not come as a surprise when you learn that almost 80% of a junk car can be salvaged in one way or another. There is no one or clear way to make a recycled car, but rather the cars use whatever recycled material is available to make the vehicle complete, whether that be the metal, plastic, glass, etc.

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