Free Towing Service for Junk Cars

Towing services we provide you with:

Junk cars can become a fixture on your land and you can quickly forget how useful the extra space could be. There are many specific services that towing companies provide depending on your needs. This ranges from light or medium towing for smaller unwanted vehicles to more heavy duty towing services, which includes winch-outs of junk cars in hard to reach places. There is a huge difference between regular towing services and those offered for junk cars. The service exists only to remove the vehicle from your property when it is no longer needed or wanted. For this service to apply the car must be unable to move or run on its own. What this means is that junk car towing companies are providing you with specialist removal services rather than the usual relocation services that towing companies offer. By allowing a junk car towing company to assist you in removing unwanted vehicles you will also be paid for the car.


Junk cars towing cost:

A common question is what the cost might be. The idea that towing is expensive is due to the usual services providedcall us for towing services for breakdowns or accidents, which are quite costly. Who in their right mind would pay these prices to move heaps of junk? This is why junk car towing companies do not charge their clients for the removal of the car.

In fact you will actually be paid for the junk that you have provided. There is little you can do with a junk car, but these professionals find great value in the unused metal and cars that you have lying around, which is exactly why you do not pay for their services but are rather compensated yourself.

A professional team individually assesses each vehicle and once you have agreed to the suggested price, they will pay you in cash. It couldn’t be easier to get rid of old junk and it is even better as you profit the exchange.


What amount of cash for junk cars are paid?

Junk Cars LLC serves the whole of Broward County. They know you will be completely satisfied with their service as they have been in the business for a long time.  With trucks located throughout the area they will be able to get to you within an hour and you’ll have cash in hand and be rid of that old junker. They accept any make, model, year and it doesn’t matter what is wrong with the vehicle. Junk Cars LLC will even help you out if you don’t have keys or a title. This tow company is truly customer focused and is looking to help you with their professional tow team. You can call them to get a free quote and see how much that old junk car is actually worth.


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