A Junk Car True Story

Happy older coupleOften companies will provide enough facts and figures to confuse anyone and do very little to convince customers of the services the company provides. Here is a true story to show how Junk Cars LLC can offer a helping hand to any of us with junk cars in Broward.


The Dream

An older couple living in Florida were getting ready for retirement. Having worked hard their entire lives they were looking forward to some well-earned rest. There were just some loose odds and ends to tie up before they could properly relax. Throughout their working life it had been the wife’s dream to have a house that looked like it had jumped straight out of a magazine. After seeing several children grow and move out, the house was looking sadly tired. The husband and wife’s money had gone towards other people and now with an empty house they wanted to turn it into the perfect place to retire.



The difficulty came when they were looking at how to pay for all of their retirement ideas. They searched the internet and home design magazines for tips and advice. Apart from amazing suggestions on how to renovate any room in your house for under $500 and ways to recycle old furniture into modern looking pieces, they found ways to raise a bit of extra cash. They switched to energy saving light bulbs, bought their groceries more carefully, used coupons and most importantly, got rid of an old junk car.


“As Easy As Pie”

The first thing they needed to do was find the papers for the vehicle. This proved to be difficult, as the car had sat in the garage for many years now. The old couple started to sort through their boxes, which in turn prompted a very successful garage sale. Once they could prove ownership of the vehicle, the couple started to look for a company that could take it away. One of their friends had told them that you could actually get money for an old car. Unsure if this was true, they searched Google for ‘junk cars Broward’. This is how they found Junk Cars LLC. The couple said that the service was extremely informative and answered all of their questions. What surprised them the most was how quickly everything happened. Before they knew it, the junk car was appraised, they had a quote, agreed to it and a team of tow experts were there to take the junker away. The most important result of this for the couple was that they had the extra cash they needed to begin their retirement as they had always wanted.


What are you waiting for?

Whether you are looking to renovate your home like this couple or looking to make any dream come true, getting rid of your junk car can help make it possible.

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